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A Cyclometallated Iridium(III) Complex As a c-myc G-Quadruplex Stabilizer and Down-Regulator of c-myc Oncogene Expression

[ Vol. 20 , Issue. 4 ]


H. Yang, V. P.-Y. Ma, D. S.-H. Chan, H.-Z. He, C.-H. Leung and D.-L. Ma   Pages 576 - 582 ( 7 )


A new cyclometallated iridium(III) complex with the 2,2'-biquinoline N-donor ligand has been synthesized and characterized. The interaction and affinity of the complex towards c-myc G-quadruplex and duplex DNA have been investigated using UV/Vis spectroscopy and gel mobility shift assay. These studies revealed that complex 1 binds to c-myc G-quadruplexes (Pu22 and Pu27) with high affinity but does not interact with duplex DNA either by intercalation or groove binding. The ability of 1 to stabilize c-myc G-quadruplex DNA in vitro has also been examined through a PCR stop assay and a cell-based luciferase reporter assay. Complex 1 displays promising cytotoxic activity against the HeLa cell line with sub-micromolar potency.


c-myc, DNA, G-quadruplex, iridium(III), metal complex, oncogene, promoter, cyclometallated iridium(III) complex, 2, 2'-biquinoline N-donor, G-quadruplex


Department of Chemistry, Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong.

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