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Interfering with the Reactive Cysteine Proteome in COVID-19

[ Vol. 29 , Issue. 10 ]


Marcos Martinez-Banaclocha*   Pages 1657 - 1663 ( 7 )


Although vaccination against SARS-CoV-2 infection has been initiated, effective therapies for severe COVID-19 disease are still needed. A promising therapeutic strategy is using FDA-approved drugs that have the biological potential to interfere with or modify some of the viral proteins capable of changing the disease's course. Recent studies highlight that some clinically safe drugs can suppress the viral life cycle while potentially promoting an adequate host inflammatory/immune response by interfering with the disease's cysteine proteome.


Cysteine, redox, proteome, ebselen, N-acetyl-cysteine, Covid-19, immunity.


Department of Pathology, Lluis Alcanyis Hospital, Xátiva, Valencia

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