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Molecules Containing Cyclobutyl Fragments as Therapeutic Tools: A Review on Cyclobutyl Drugs

[ Vol. 29 , Issue. 23 ]


Shuang Ren, Fei Pan, Wen Zhang and Guo-Wu Rao*   Pages 4113 - 4135 ( 23 )


In recent years, cyclobutyl has become more influential in the field of drug design. Its unique four-membered ring structure is not only a useful intermediate for the synthesis of biomedical candidate materials but also an indispensable framework for drug design and application. According to the therapeutic field, cyclobutyl drugs are roughly divided into tumor and cancer drugs, nervous system drugs, analgesics, antiviral drugs, and gastrointestinal drugs. Among them, platinum-based anticancer drugs containing cyclobutyl fragments have achieved remarkable success in the treatment of cancer, bringing new hope for the development of more cyclobutyl drugs. This article provides details of the research progress of the structure types, structure-activity relationships, targets, and mechanisms of cyclobutyl drugs that have been on the market or are in the clinical stage and provides ideas for the discovery and synthesis of novel cyclobutyl-containing drugs.


Cyclobutyl drugs, platinum, anticancer drugs, cancer, structure-activity relationship, approved drugs, kinase inhibitor.


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