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Advances and Prospects of Ultrasound Targeted Drug Delivery Systems Using Biomaterial-modified Micro/Nanobubbles for Tumor Therapy

[ Vol. 29 , Issue. 30 ]


Chen Lin, Ye-Zi Chen, Bo Wu, Meng-Ting Yang, Chao-Qi Liu* and Yun Zhao*   Pages 5062 - 5075 ( 14 )


The incidence of malignant tumors is rising rapidly and tends to be in the younger, which has been one of the most important factors endangering the safety of human life. Ultrasound micro/nanobubbles, as a noninvasive and highly specific antitumor strategy, can reach and destroy tumor tissue through their effects of cavitation and acoustic perforation under the guidance of ultrasound. Meanwhile, micro/nanobubbles are now used as a novel drug carrier, releasing drugs at a target region, especially on the prospects of biomaterial-modified micro/nanobubbles as a dual modality for drug delivery and therapeutic monitoring. Successful evaluation of the sonoporation mechanism(s), ultrasound parameters, drug type, and dose will need to be addressed before translating this technology for clinical use. Therefore, this paper collects the literature on the experimental and clinical studies of ultrasound biomaterial-modified micro/nanobubbles therapy in vitro and in vivo in recent years.


Ultrasound, micro/nanobubble, targeting, drug delivery system, molecule delivery, tumor therapy, biomaterial.


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