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Heterocycles in Breast Cancer Treatment: The Use of Pyrazole Derivatives

[ Vol. 30 , Issue. 10 ]


Sandra Ardevines, Eugenia Marqués-López* and Raquel P. Herrera*   Pages 1145 - 1174 ( 30 )


Among the aromatic heterocycle rings, pyrazole –a five-membered ring with two adjacent nitrogen atoms in its structure has been postulated as a potent candidate in the pharmacological context. This moiety is an interesting therapeutic target covering a broad spectrum of biological activities due to its presence in many natural substances.

Hence, the potential of the pyrazole derivatives as antitumor agents has been explored in many investigations, showing promising results in some cases. In this sense, breast cancer, which is already the leading cause of cancer mortality in women in some countries, has been the topic selected for this review, which covers a range of different research from the earliest studies published in 2003 to the most recent ones in 2021.


Breast, cancer, heterocycle, pyrazole, tumor, HDI.


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