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An Overview of Thrombin Inhibitors in the Perspective of Structureactivity Relationships

[ Vol. 30 , Issue. 25 ]


Jiangming Wang, Xiaojing Sun, Na Li, Ruilong Sheng and Ruihua Guo*   Pages 2864 - 2930 ( 67 )


Thrombosis is one of the most important pathogenic factors related to cardiovascular diseases. Presently, thrombin inhibitors have gradually gained prominence in clinical practice due to their unique potential, such as dabigatran. Nevertheless, the risk of bleeding is not completely eliminated, and the threats of gastrointestinal bleeding are even increased in some cases. Therefore, developing new oral thrombin inhibitors with low side effects is urgent. In this paper, we summarized recent advances in the newly synthesized and isolated thrombin inhibitors from 2000 to 2019 and their structure-activity relationships (SARs) along with structure-dependent pharmacokinetic parameters, guiding the next generation of oral thrombin inhibitors.


Antithrombotic, thrombin inhibitor, structure-activity relationship, pharmacokinetics.


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