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Long Non-coding RNA DLGAP1-AS1 and DLGAP1-AS2: Two Novel Oncogenes in Multiple Cancers

[ Vol. 30 , Issue. 25 ]


Fangnan Zhao, Fangshun Tan, Lu Tang, Zhuoying Du, Xiaoya Chen, Yuzhi Yang, Gang Zhou* and Chengfu Yuan*   Pages 2822 - 2834 ( 13 )


Background: The change of lncRNA expression is known to affect the progression of tumors. This has fueled numerous investigations aiming at the mystery of lncRNA. Clear lncRNA has been the hotspot of antisense RNAs research. More and more lncRNAs have been proven to take effect as oncogenes of multitudinous cancers and accelerate tumor progression. This review elucidates the pathophysiological functions of lncRNA DLGAP1-AS1 and lncRNA DLGAP1-AS2 in a variety of tumors.

Methods: Via systematic analysis and in-depth study about relevant articles in PubMed, this article analyzes and summarizes the mechanism of antisense transcripts DLGAP1- AS1 and DLGAP1-AS2 in tumor development.

Results: DLGAP1-AS1 and DLGAP1-AS2 can exert their effect as oncogenes on various cancers. The expression of DLGAP1-AS1 is aberrantly high in various tumors, including GC, BC, HCC, glioblastoma and CRC. Concurrently, in LC, RC, HCC, GC, glioma and CCA, DLGAP1-AS2 is also discovered to be highly expressed. And they have a strong pertinence with a poor prognosis. The disorder of DLGAP1-AS1 and DLGAP1- AS2 in different tumors has different malignant impacts on tumors, not only to invasion, apoptosis, multiplication and EMT of tumor cells but also to drug resistance and radioresistance. In addition, DLGAP1-AS2 was revealed to have the ability to predict the prognosis of WT and RCC.

Conclusion: The regulatory effects of DLGAP1-AS1 and DLGAP1-AS2 on tumors make them possible to be clinical markers for the early diagnosis of tumors and effective therapeutic targets.


Long non-coding RNA, DLGAP1-AS1, DLGAP1-AS2, tumor, prognosis, biomarkers therapeutic target.


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