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Organoid Models of Heart Diseases: Find a New Channel in Improvements of Cardiac Regenerative Medicine

[ Vol. 30 , Issue. 33 ]


Saade Abdalkareem Jasim, Dmitry Olegovich Bokov*, Wanich Suksatan, Fahad Alsaikhan, Mohammed Abed Jawad, Satish Kumar Sharma, Supat Chupradit and Lakshmi Thangavelu   Pages 3726 - 3742 ( 17 )


We are experiencing a revolution in regenerative medicine. Recent developments in organoid technology have provided unique opportunities for studying human biology and diseases. Indeed, organoid models have revolutionized the in vitro culture tools for biomedical research by creating robust three-dimensional (3D) architecture to recapitulate the primary tissues' cellular heterogeneity, structure, and functions. Such organoid technology enables researchers to re-create human organs and diseases model in a culture dish. It thus holds excellent promises for many translational applications such as regenerative medicine, drug discovery, and precision medicine. This review summarizes the current knowledge on the progression and promotion of organoid models, particularly with the heart disease approach. We discuss the usefulness of clinical applications of cardiac organoids and ultimately highlight the currently advanced therapeutic strategies in vitro model of organoids aimed at personalizing heart disease treatment.


Cardiac organoid, heart diseases, regenerative medicine, organoid technology, drug discovery, personalizing heart disease treatment.


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