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Perspective and Prospects on Persistent Luminescent Nanoparticles for Biological Imaging and Tumor Therapy

[ Vol. 31 , Issue. 8 ]


Minghui Sun, Ming Chen* and Jun Wang*   Pages 938 - 951 ( 14 )


Persistent luminescent nanoparticles (PLNPs) are photoluminescent materials that can still emit luminescence after the cessation of the excitation light source. In recent years, due to their unique optical properties, the PLNPs have attracted extensive attention in the biomedical field. Since the PLNPs effectively eliminate autofluorescence interference from biological tissues, many researchers have contributed a lot of work in the fields of biological imaging and tumor therapy. This article mainly introduces the synthesis methods of the PLNPs and their progress in the application of biological imaging and tumor therapy, as well as the challenges and development prospects.


Persistent luminescent nanoparticles, synthetic method, afterglow, optical imaging, biological imaging, imaging-guided therapy.


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