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Perspectives on Iron Deficiency as a Cause of Human Disease in Global Public Health

[ Vol. 31 , Issue. 12 ]


Geir Bjørklund*, Yuliya Semenova, Tony Hangan*, Joeri J. Pen, Jan Aaseth and Massimiliano Peana   Pages 1428 - 1440 ( 13 )


Iron (Fe) is a necessary trace element in numerous pathways of human metabolism. Therefore, Fe deficiency is capable of causing multiple health problems. Apart from the well-known microcytic anemia, lack of Fe can cause severe psychomotor disorders in children, pregnant women, and adults in general. Iron deficiency is a global health issue, mainly caused by dietary deficiency but aggravated by inflammatory conditions. The challenges related to this deficiency need to be addressed on national and international levels. This review aims to summarize briefly the disease burden caused by Fe deficiency in the context of global public health and aspires to offer some hands-on guidelines.


Iron, public health, global health, iron deficiency, iron fortification, children, pregnant women.


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