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Multiple Protein Biomarkers and Different Treatment Strategies for Colorectal Carcinoma: A Comprehensive Prospective


Biswadip Chakraborty, Shivangi Agarwal, Shivam Kori, Ratnesh Das, Varsha Kashaw, Arun K. Iyer and Sushil Kumar Kashaw*   Pages 1 - 41 ( 41 )


In this review, we emphasized important biomarkers, pathogenesis, and newly developed therapeutic approaches in the treatment of colorectal cancer (CRC). This includes a complete description of small-molecule inhibitors, phytopharmaceuticals with antiproliferative potential, monoclonal antibodies for targeted therapy, vaccinations as immunotherapeutic agents, and many innovative strategies to intervene in the interaction of oncogenic proteins. Many factors combine to determine the clinical behavior of colorectal cancer and it is still difficult to comprehend the molecular causes of a person's vulnerability to CRC. It is also challenging to identify the causes of the tumor's onset, progression, and responsiveness or resistance to antitumor treatment. Current recommendations for targeted medications are being updated by guidelines throughout the world in light of the growing number of high-quality clinical studies. So, being concerned about the aforementioned aspects, we have tried to present a summarized pathogenic view, including a brief description of biomarkers and an update of compounds with their underlying mechanisms that are currently under various stages of clinical testing. This will help to identify gaps or shortfalls that can be addressed in upcoming colorectal cancer research.


Biomarkers, pathogenesis, monoclonal antibody, vaccines, phytopharmaceuticals, clinical investigation, colorectal cancer.


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