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Drug Delivery Systems based on Microneedles for Dermatological Diseases and Aesthetic Enhancement


Mariane Massufero Vergilio, James Caradoc Birchall, Lonetá Lauro Lima, Rodrigo Alvarenga Rezende and Gislaine Ricci Leonardi*   Pages 1 - 15 ( 15 )


Microneedle (MN) devices comprise of micron-sized structures that circumvent biological barriers in a minimally invasive manner. MN research continues to grow and evolve; the technology was recently identified as one of the top ten overall emerging technologies of 2020. There is a growing interest in using such devices in cosmetology and dermatological conditions where the MNs mechanically disrupt the outer skin barrier layer, creating transient pathways that allow the passage of materials to underlying skin layers. This review aims to appraise the application of microneedle technologies in skin science, provide information on potential clinical benefits, as well as indicate possible dermatological conditions that can benefit from this technology, including autoimmunemediated inflammatory skin diseases, skin aging, hyperpigmentation, and skin tumors. A literature review was carried out to select studies that evaluated the use of microneedles to enhance drug delivery for dermatologic purposes. MN patches create temporary pathways that allow the passage of therapeutic material to deeper layers of the skin. Given their demonstrable promise in therapeutic applications it will be essential for healthcare professionals to engage with these new delivery systems as they transition to the clinic.


Drug delivery, microneedle, diseased skin, aesthetic enhancement, demonstrable, technology.


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