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SETD1A-mediated Methylation of H3K4me3 Inhibits Ferroptosis in Non-small Cell Lung Cancer by Regulating the WTAPP1/WTAP Axis


Dao Wang, Yukun Zu, Wei Sun and Xiaowu Fan*   Pages 1 - 15 ( 15 )


Introduction: SETD1A is upregulated in non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) tissues. This study investigated the molecular mechanism of the SETD1A/WTAPP1/WTAP axis in NSCLC.

Methods: Ferroptosis is a unique cell death mode driven by iron-reliant phospholipid peroxidation, which is regulated by multiple cellular metabolic pathways, including REDOX homeostasis, iron metabolism, mitochondrial activity and metabolism of amino acids, lipids and sugars. Thus, the levels of ferroptosis markers (MDA, SOD, GSH) were measured in vitro, and NSCLC cell behaviors were assessed. SETD1A-mediated H3K4me3 methylation was analyzed. SETD1A-exerted effects on ferroptosis and tumor growth in vivo were verified in nude mouse models.

Results: SETD1A was highly expressed in NSCLC cells. Silencing SETD1A suppressed NSCLC cell proliferation and migration, inhibited MDA, and enhanced GPX4, SOD, and GSH levels. SETD1A elevated WTAP expression through WTAPP1 upregulation by mediating H3K4me3 methylation in the WTAPP1 promoter region. WTAPP1 overexpression partly averted the promotional effect of silencing SETD1A on NSCLC cell ferroptosis. WTAP interference abrogated the inhibitory effects of WTAPP1 on NSCLC cell ferroptosis. Silencing SETD1A facilitated ferroptosis and accelerated tumor growth in nude mice through the WTAPP1/WTAP axis.

Conclusion: SETD1A amplified WTAP expression through WTAPP1 upregulation by mediating H3K4me3 modification in the WTAPP1 promoter region, thus promoting NSCLC cell proliferation and migration and inhibiting ferroptosis.


Non-small cell lung cancer, SETD1A, H3K4me3, epigenetics, WTAPP1, WTAP, ferroptosis.


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