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Role of Circular RNAs in Prostate Cancer


Feng Chen, Fa Zhang, Yong-qiang Liu and Yu-fang Leng*   Pages 1 - 17 ( 17 )


Objectives: This study aims to summarize the current literature to demonstrate the importance of circular RNAs (circRNAs) in multiple aspects of prostate cancer (PCa) occurrence, progression, and treatment resistance and explore the potential role in therapeutic strategies aimed at targeting this molecule in PCa.

Methods: The relevant literature from PubMed and Medline databases is reviewed in this article.

Results: Non-coding RNA has been proven to play a vital role in regulating tumor progression. Among them, circular RNA plays a more unique role due to its nonlinear structure. Lots of circRNAs were found to be differentially expressed in PCa and regulate cell signaling pathways by regulating particular gene expressions. Recent studies have demonstrated that circRNAs are associated with the chemoresistance of urinary tumors, suggesting that circRNAs might be a novel therapeutic target and a marker for therapeutic response and prognosis assessment.

Conclusion: The potential crosstalk of circRNAs modifications in PCa development, therapy, and regulation of tumor metabolism is portrayed in this review. However, more preclinical and clinical trials of this targeted strategy are necessary for the treatment of urinary tumors.


Prostate cancer, circRNAs, biological characteristics, therapeutic resistance, biomarker, PCa.


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