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Natural Plant Materials as a Source of Neuroprotective Peptides


Agnieszka Skibska and Renata Perlikowska*   Pages 1 - 19 ( 19 )


In many circumstances, some crucial elements of the neuronal defense system fail, slowly leading to neurodegenerative diseases. Activating this natural process by administering exogenous agents to counteract unfavourable changes seems promising. Therefore, looking for neuroprotective therapeutics, we have to focus on compounds that inhibit the primary mechanisms leading to neuronal injuries, e.g., apoptosis, excitotoxicity, oxidative stress, and inflammation. Among many compounds considered neuroprotective agents, protein hydrolysates and peptides derived from natural materials or their synthetic analogues are good candidates. They have several advantages, such as high selectivity and biological activity, a broad range of targets, and high safety profile. This review aims to provide biological activities, the mechanism of action and the functional properties of plant-derived protein hydrolysates and peptides. We focused on their significant role in human health by affecting the nervous system and having neuroprotective and brain-boosting properties, leading to memory and cognitive improving activities. We hope our observation may guide the evaluation of novel peptides with potential neuroprotective effects. Research into neuroprotective peptides may find application in different sectors as ingredients in functional foods or pharmaceuticals to improve human health and prevent diseases.


Plant-derived materials, neuroprotection, neurodegenerative diseases, oxidative stress, food intake, bioactive peptides, antioxidants, hydrolysate.


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