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Drug Repurposing against Novel Therapeutic Targets in Plasmodium falciparum for Malaria: The Computational Perspective


Shweta Rai, Shruti Shukla, Luciana Scotti and Ashutosh Mani*   Pages 1 - 16 ( 16 )


Malaria remains one of the most challenging tropical diseases. Since malaria cases are reportedly alarming in terms of infections and mortality, urgent attention is needed for addressing the issues of drug resistance in falciparum malaria. High throughput screening methods have paved way for rapid identification of anti-malarial. Furthermore, drug repurposing helps in shortening the time required for drug safety approvals. Hence, discovery of new antimalarials by drug repurposing is a promising approach for combating the disease. This article summarizes the recent computational approaches used for identifying novel antimalarials by using drug target interaction tools followed by pharmacokinetic studies.


Falciparum,antimalarial,drug repurposing,computational biology,tropical diseases,computational perspective


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