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Marine Bacteria: A Source of Novel Bioactive Natural Products


Xiangru Zha, Rong Ji and Songlin Zhou*   Pages 1 - 13 ( 13 )


Marine natural products have great pharmacological potential due to their unique and diverse chemical structures. The marine bacterial biodiversity and the unique marine environment lead to a high level of complexity and ecological interaction among marine species. This results in the production of metabolic pathways and adaptation mechanisms that are different from those of terrestrial organisms, which has drawn significant attention from researchers in the field of natural medicine. This review provides an analysis of the distribution and frequency of keywords in the literature on marine bacterial natural products as well as an overview of the new natural products isolated from the secondary metabolites of marine bacteria in recent years. Finally, it discusses the current research hotspots in this field and speculates on future directions and limitations.


marine bacteria,natural products,biological activity,chemical structure,bibliometric


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