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Alkaloids as Additional Weapons in the Fight against Breast Cancer: A Review


Chahat, Keshav Taruneshwar Jha, Rohit Bhatia and Pooja A Chawla*   Pages 1 - 36 ( 36 )


Breast carcinoma is among the most frequent cancerous tumour in females around the globe. The major modalities now employed in the therapeutic management of breast cancer include surgeries, chemotherapy, and specialized medicines. Despite their potential to help individuals' problems, they are also associated with many negative impacts. As a result, natural products are increasingly regarded to be a preferable alternative. Alkaloids are essential biochemical substances that can be used to develop new drugs. Numerous alkaloids that originate from natural plants have been shown in vitro and in vivo to have anti-proliferation and anti-metastasis actions on different kinds of carcinoma. According to the data collected in this study, the utilization of alkaloids as anti-tumor medicines appears to be extremely potent; nevertheless, extensive studies and clinical trials are required before utilizing individual alkaloids. In this overview, we provide a detailed and vital exploration of pre-existing alkaloids possessing anti-tumor activities due to bioactive compounds. This study also includes an overview of synthesized analogues and pharmacological characteristics that will be beneficial to scientists working on alkaloids for medicinal purposes. In a recent survey of the literature, alkaloids are an important component of plantderived antitumor medicines that hold great potential for the future development of cancer therapy and preventive therapies. We have also discussed structural analysis relationship (SAR) studies. Moreover, it covers clinical trial medications and FDA-approved medicines from the last five years that will be useful in further research.


Alkaloids, breast cancer, SAR studies, clinical trial drugs, FDA-approved drugs.


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