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Small Molecule Inhibitors against the Bacterial Pathogen Brucella


Yingnan Wu, Ye Guo, Yuheng Ma, Hui Yu* and Zhanli Wang*   Pages 1 - 19 ( 19 )


Brucellosis remains one of the major zoonotic diseases worldwide. As a causative agent of brucellosis, it has many ways to evade recognition by the immune system, allowing it to replicate and multiply in the host, causing significant harm to both humans and animals. The pathogenic mechanism of Brucella has not been elucidated, making the identification of drug targets from the pathogenic mechanism a challenge. Metalloenzymatic targets and some protein targets unique to Brucella are exploitable in the development of inhibitors against this disease. The development of specific small molecule inhibitors is urgently needed for brucellosis treatment due to the antibiotic resistance of Brucella. This review summarizes the research on small molecule inhibitors of Brucella, which could be instructive for subsequent studies.


Brucellosis,Brucella,High-throughput screening,Drug target,Inhibitors,Treatment


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