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CAR-T Therapy in Relapsed Refractory Multiple Myeloma


Hong Ding and Yu Wu*   Pages 1 - 21 ( 21 )


Multiple myeloma is a plasma cell neoplasm. The emergence of proteasome inhibitors, immunomodulatory drugs, and anti-CD38 monoclonal antibodies has improved the prognosis of multiple myeloma patients. However, some patients are still insensitive to conventional therapy or frequently relapse after remission. Chemotherapy based on proteasome inhibitors or immunomodulatory drugs is ineffective in controlling the progression of relapsed refractory multiple myeloma. No consensus has been reached on treating relapsed refractory multiple myeloma to date. Recently chimeric antigen receptor T cells therapy has shown promising results that could achieve rapid remissions of patients and improve their prognoses. Additionally, most patients in chimeric antigen receptor T cell clinical trials were triple-refractory multiple myeloma patients, indicating that chimeric antigen receptor T cell immunotherapy could overcome drug resistance to new drugs. Since single immunotherapies are prone to acquired resistance, combination immunotherapies based on emerging immunotherapies may solve this issue. Achieving complete remission and minimal residual disease negative status as soon as possible is beneficial to patients. This paper reviewed the main chimeric antigen receptor T cell products in relapsed refractory multiple myeloma, and it explained the drug resistance mechanism and improvement methods of chimeric antigen receptor T cells therapy. This review summarized the best beneficiaries of chimeric antigen receptor T cell therapy and the salvage treatment of disease recurrence after chimeric antigen receptor T cell therapy, providing some ideas for the clinical application of chimeric antigen receptor T cells.


Multiple myeloma,relapsed refractory multiple myeloma,immunotherapy,chimeric antigen receptor T-cells,bispecific antibodies,antibody-drug conjugates


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