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The Use of SP/Neurokinin-1 as a Therapeutic Target in Colon and Rectal Cancer


Desirée Martín-García, Teresa Téllez, Maximino Redondo* and Marilina García-Aranda   Pages 1 - 23 ( 23 )


Different studies have highlighted the role of Substance P / Neurokinin 1 Receptor (SP/NK-1R) axis in multiple hallmarks of cancer including cell transformation, proliferation, and migration as well as angiogenesis and metastasis of a wide range of solid tumors including colorectal cancer. Until now, the selective high-affinity antagonist of human SP/NK1-R aprepitant (Emend) has been authorized by the Food and Drug Administration as a low dosage medication to manage and treat chemotherapy-induced nausea. However, increasing evidence in recent years support the potential utility of high doses of aprepitant as an antitumor agent and thus, opening the possibility to the pharmacological repositioning of SP/NK1-R antagonists as an adjuvant therapy to conventional cancer treatments. In this review, we summarize current knowledge on the molecular basis of colorectal cancer as well as the pathophysiological importance of SP/NK1-R and the potential utility of SP/NK-1R axis as a therapeutic target in this malignancy.


substance P,neurokinin-1 receptor,aprepitant,phamacological repositioning,targeted treatment,colorectal cancer


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