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Nanomedicine: Innovative Strategies and Recent Advances in Targeted Cancer Therapy


Rupesh. K. Gautam, Pooja Mittal, Rajat Goyal, Kamal Dua, Dinesh Kumar Mishra, Sanjay Sharma and Rajeev K. Singla*   Pages 1 - 16 ( 16 )


Nanomedicine's application of nanotechnology in medicine holds tremendous potential for diagnosing and treating life-threatening diseases such as cancer. Unlike conventional therapies, nanomedicine offers a promising strategy to enhance clinical outcomes while minimizing severe side effects. The principle of drug targeting enables specific delivery of therapeutic agents to their intended sites, making it a more precise and effective therapy. Combination strategies, such as the co-delivery of chemotherapeutic drugs with nucleic acids or receptor-specific molecules, are being employed to enhance therapeutic outcomes. Nanocarriers and drug delivery systems designed using these approaches offer resourceful co-delivery of therapeutic agents for anticancer therapy. Targeted drug delivery via nanotechnology-based techniques has become an urgent need and has shown significant improvements in therapeutic implications, pharmacokinetics, specificity, reduced toxicity, and biocompatibility. This review discusses the extrapolation of nanomaterials for developing innovative and novel drug delivery systems for effective anticancer therapy. Additionally, we explore the role of nanotechnology-based concepts in drug delivery research.


Nanomedicine,nanotechnology,cancer,apoptosis,cell proliferation,drug delivery.


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