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DsbA-L: A Promising Therapeutic Target for Metabolic Diseases


Ming Yang, Shilu Luo, Jinfei Yang, Wei Chen, Liyu He, Di Liu, Xi Wang, Li Xiao and Lin Sun*   Pages 1 - 10 ( 10 )


The increasing incidence of metabolic diseases, including obesity and diabetes, is a serious social public problem. Therefore, there is an urgent need to find effective prevention and treatment measures for these diseases. DsbA-L is a protein that is widely expressed in many tissues and is closely related to metabolism. Emerging evidence shows that DsbA-L plays an important role in antioxidative stress, promoting the synthesis and secretion of adiponectin and maintaining mitochondrial homeostasis, and the abnormalities of these functions are also closely related to the occurrence and development of metabolic diseases. Here, we reviewed the tissue expression patterns and regulatory factors of DsbA-L, summarized its biological functions and the current research progress of DsbA-L in metabolic diseases, and found that DsbA-L may be a promising target for metabolic diseases.


DsbA-L,metabolic diseases,diabetes,obesity,kidney,antioxidative stress


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