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Quercetin and microRNA Interplay in Apoptosis Regulation: A New Therapeutic Strategy for Cancer?


Zicheng Wang, Yanqing Liu and Zatollah Asemi*   Pages 1 - 19 ( 19 )


Cancer is known as a global problem for the health and economy. Following cancer onset, apoptosis is the primary mechanism countering the tumor cells' growth. Most anticancer agents initiate apoptosis to remove tumor cells. Phytochemicals have appeared as a beneficial treatment option according to their less adverse effects. In recent decades, quercetin has been highlighted due to its high pharmacological benefits, and various literature has suggested it as a potential anti-proliferative agent against different kinds of cancers. The microRNAs (miRNAs) play key roles in cancer treatment, progression, and apoptosis. This review reviewed the effect of quercetin on miRNAs contributing to the induction or inhibition of apoptosis in cancers.


Cancer, quercetin, apoptosis, microRNA, epigenetic, phytochemicals, biological pathways.


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