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A Novel Phytocolorant, Neoxanthin, as a Potent Chemopreventive: Current Progress and Future Prospects


Sudhamayee Parida, Mrutyunjay Jena*, Akshaya Kumar Behera, Amiya Kumar Mandal, Rabindra Nayak and Srimanta Patra   Pages 1 - 16 ( 16 )


Cancer is a general term for a group of similar diseases. It is a combined process that results from an accumulation of abnormalities at different biological levels, which involves changes at both genetic and biochemical levels in the cells. Several modifiable risk factors for each type of cancer include heredity, age, and institutional screening guidelines, including colonoscopy, mammograms, prostate-specific antigen testing, etc., which an individual cannot modify. Although a wide range of resources is available for cancer drugs and developmental studies, the cases are supposed to increase by about 70% in the next two decades due to environmental factors commonly driven by the way of living. The drugs used in cancer prevention are not entirely safe, have potential side effects and are generally unsuitable owing to substantial monetary costs. Interventions during the initiation and progression of cancer can prevent, diminish, or stop the transformation of healthy cells on the way to malignancy. Diet modifications are one of the most promising lifestyle changes that can decrease the threat of cancer development by nearly 40%. Neoxanthin is a xanthophyll pigment found in many microalgae and macroalgae, having significant anti-cancer, antioxidant and chemo-preventive activity. In this review, we have focused on the anti-cancer activity of neoxanthin on different cell lines and its cancer-preventive activity concerning obesity and oxidative stress. In addition to this, the preclinical studies and future perspectives are also discussed in this review.




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