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MNK: A Novel Promising Target for Cancer Immunotherapy


Pei Shu, Yanna Lei, Ge Gao, Xiaoyu Li, Diyuan Qin, Benxia Zhang, Yue Chen, Qizhi Ma and Yongsheng Wang*   Pages 1 - 19 ( 19 )


Cancer immunotherapy has demonstrated remarkable success in the treatment of multiple advanced malignancies, especially approaches to target the immune checkpoint. Nonetheless, the limited response rate remains a barrier to broader application. Identifying other ways to extend the beneficiaries to a large extent is needed. Emerging evidence has shown that mitogen-activated protein kinase-interacting kinases (MNKs) could be regarded as a novel, attractive target for cancer immunotherapy that is closely correlated with cancer biology and therapies. A comprehensive understanding of the role and mechanism of MNKs in cancer will shed light on the discovery of novel therapeutic strategies for cancer treatment. In this review, we outlined the structure of MNKs, their function and expression, and how MNKs affect tumor progression and elucidated the evidence supporting MNKs as a new promising treatment modality in human cancers.


MAPK,MNK,promising target,novel target,cancer therapy,immunotherapy


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