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Research Progress on the Antioxidant Activity of Natural Diarylheptanoids: Mechanisms and Structure–activity Relationships


An-Na Ma, Tie Yao, Ya-Jing Guo, Chong-Yan Zhao, Bing-jie Wang, Gen Li* and Feng Qiu   Pages 1 - 30 ( 30 )


Antioxidant research has recently become a popular topic. Medicinal plants are important sources of novel active compounds. Diarylheptanoids, a typical family of secondary plant metabolites, are of great interest owing to their extensive spectrum of biological activities. They possess a unique 1,7-diphenylmethane structural skeleton. Thus, this review summarizes the natural linear or macrocyclic diarylheptanoids with antioxidant activity in the last two decades. In addition, the relationships between the structural characteristics of natural diarylheptanoids and their antioxidant capacity were also discussed. All the available data highlight the potential of natural diarylheptanoids as novel antioxidants.


Diarylheptanoids, curcumin, antioxidant, antioxidant mechanism, structure-effect relationship.


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