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Mycobacterial Targets for Thiourea Derivatives: Opportunities for Virtual Screening in Tuberculosis Drug Discovery


Vinicius de Melo Milani, Mariana Luiza Silva, Priscila Goes Camargo and Marcelle de Lima Ferreira Bispo*   Pages 1 - 22 ( 22 )


Tuberculosis (TB) remains a primary global health concern, necessitating the discovery and development of new anti-TB drugs, mainly to combat drug-resistant strains. In this context, thiourea derivatives have emerged as promising candidates in TB drug discovery due to their diverse chemical structures and pharmacological properties. This review aimed to explore this potential, identifying and exploring molecular targets for thiourea derivatives in Mycobacterium tuberculosis (Mtb) and the potential application of virtual screening techniques in drug discovery. We have compiled a comprehensive list of possible molecular targets of thiourea derivatives in Mtb. The enzymes are primarily involved in the biosynthesis of various cell wall components, including mycolic acids, peptidoglycans, and arabinans, or targets in the branched-chain amino acid biosynthesis (BCAA) pathway and detoxification mechanisms. We discuss the potential of these targets as critical constituents for the design of novel anti-TB drugs. Besides, we highlight the opportunities that virtual screening methodologies present in identifying potential thiourea derivatives that can interact with these molecular targets. The presented findings contribute to the ongoing efforts in TB drug discovery and lay the foundation for further research in designing and developing more effective treatments against this devastating disease.


Molecular docking, isoxyl, cell wall synthesis, antimycobacterial activity, drug resistance, thiourea.


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