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Discussion on the Influence of Gpx 4 Target in the Field of Cancer


Ya-Lan Wang, Hong-yan Guo, Tong Zhou, Ke Sun, Qing-kun Shen* and Xiao-Ting Li*   Pages 1 - 29 ( 29 )


The current review was undertaken to collate data on Gpx4 inhibitors and the regulatory proteins related to Gpx4. Gpx4 plays an essential role in ferroptosis; it can be used to determine the Gpx4 as an indicator for determining tumor occurrence and as a means of treating cancer. Although there is no market for Gpx4 inhibitors, many researchers have conducted extensive research, and some compounds have entered clinical research. This article summarizes all papers related to Gpx4; hope this review can provide some new insights and ideas for researchers aiming to develop efficient and low-- toxicity Gpx4 inhibitors and provide some new ideas for cancer treatment.


Gpx4, Cancer, ferroptosis, inhibitor.


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