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Carbon-based Nanomaterials in Photothermal Therapy Guided by Photoacoustic Imaging: State of Knowledge and Recent Advances


Yan Xing, Rui Jing, Jun Kang, Yuwen Li, Hui Zhang, Xiaoying Tang and Zhenqi Jiang*   Pages 1 - 20 ( 20 )


Carbon-based nanomaterials (CBNM)have been widely used in various fields due to their excellent physicochemical properties. In particular, in the area of tumor diagnosis and treatment, researchers have frequently reported them for their potential fluorescence, photoacoustic (PA), and ultrasound imaging performance, as well as their photothermal, photodynamic, sonodynamic, and other therapeutic properties. As the functions of CBNM are increasingly developed, their excellent imaging properties and superior tumor treatment effects make them extremely promising theranostic agents. This review aims to integrate the considered and researched information in a specific field of this research topic and systematically present, summarize, and comment on the efforts made by authoritative scholars. In this review, we summarized the work exploring carbon-based materials in the field of tumor imaging and therapy, focusing on PA imaging-guided photothermal therapy (PTT) and discussing their imaging and therapeutic mechanisms and developments. Finally, the current challenges and potential opportunities of carbon-based materials for PA imaging-guided PTT are presented, and issues that researchers should be aware of when studying CBNM are provided.


photothermal,photoacoustic,tumor therapy,carbon-based nanomaterials,tumor imaging


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