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An Overview on Glyco-Macrocycles: Potential New Lead and their Future in Medicinal Chemistry


Kartikey Singh and Rama Pati Tripathi*   Pages 1 - 23 ( 23 )


Macrocycles cover a small segment of molecules with a vast range of biological activity in the chemotherapeutic world. Primarily, the natural sources derived from macrocyclic drug candidates with a wide range of biological activities are known. Further evolutions of the medicinal chemistry towards macrocycle-based chemotherapeutics involve the functionalization of the natural product by hemisynthesis. More recently, macrocycles based on carbohydrates have evolved a considerable interest among the medicinal chemists worldwide. Carbohydrates provide an ideal scaffold to generate chiral macrocycles with well-defined pharmacophores in a decorated fashion to achieve the desired biological activity. We have given an overview on carbohydrate-derived macrocycle involving their synthesis in drug design and discovery and potential role in medicinal chemistry.


Glyco-Macrocycle, Glycohybrids, Glycoside, Cyclic peptide, Glycopeptide, Glycomimetics, Saponins.


Medicinal and Process Chemistry Division, CSIR-Central Drug Research Institute, Lucknow-226031, U.P., , National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research Raebareli, New Transit Campus, Bijnor Road, Sarojani Nagar Near CRPF Base Camp, Lucknow 226002, U.P.

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