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The Use of Cyclodextrins Nanoparticles for Oral Delivery

[ Vol. 18 , Issue. 14 ]


J. R. Kanwar, B. M. Long and R. K. Kanwar   Pages 2079 - 2085 ( 7 )


This review aims to highlight many of the difficulties encountered in trying to achieve the task of delivering proteins and peptides through oral administration. The necessity of controlled protein and peptide release, protection and stability in the gastrointestinal tract, and ability to target specific areas are only a handful of the many problems associated with trying to engineer a useful solution. Current research gives strong indication that both cyclodextrins and nanoparticles could be highly useful in the search for a suitable method for such successful oral delivery of proteins and peptides. This review focuses on the use of cyclodextrins in pharmaceuticals, aiming to discuss the use of cyclodextrins in conjunction with nanoparticles for oral delivery of proteins. Both classical applications and more advanced “nanomedical” approaches are discussed. In order to achieve a complete overview this review will include background information about cyclodextrins, nanomedicine and their role in oral delivery systems. The use of absorption enhancers like cyclodextrins, bile salts and surfactants was used to facilitate bio-availability into the system. The state-of-the-art technology and challenges in this area are discussed, with typical examples.


Nanodelivery,oral administration,cyclodextrins and nanoparticles,peptides,cyclodextrins,nanoparticles,bio-availability,nanomedicine


, , Associate Professor of Immunology&Cell Biology, Laboratory of Immunology and Molecular Biomedical Research (LIMBR), Centre for Biotechnology and Interdisciplinary Biosciences (BioDeakin),Institute for Technology Research and Innovation (ITRI), Deakin University, Waurn Ponds, Victoria 3217, Australia.

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