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Virtual Screening Against Obesity

[ Vol. 18 , Issue. 14 ]


P. Markt, S. Herdlinger and D. Schuster   Pages 2158 - 2173 ( 16 )


The development of novel drugs against obesity is one of the top priorities of worldwide drug research. In recent years, it has been facilitated by the application of virtual screening methods. In this review, we give a short introduction into obesity-related protein targets and computer-aided drug design techniques. Furthermore, we highlight the most successful virtual screening studies, outline their results, and provide suggestions for future anti-obesity drug development.


Anti-obesity drug,computer-aided drug design,ligand-based,molecular mechanisms,obesity,obesity targets,structure-based,virtual screening,screening studies


, , Chemical Screening and PLACEBO,Research Center for Molecular Medicine of the Austrian Academy of Sciences,Lazarettgasse 14/AKH BT 25.3, 1090 Vienna, Austria.

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