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Multifunctional Radiolabeled Nanoparticles for Targeted Therapy

[ Vol. 21 , Issue. 1 ]


G. Ferro-Flores, B. E. Ocampo-García, C. L. Santos-Cuevas, E. Morales-Avila and E. Azorín-Vega   Pages 124 - 138 ( 15 )


Nanoparticles can be near infrared (NIR)-fluorescent (e.g., gold nanoparticles, quantum dots or carbon nanotubes) or can have magnetic properties (e.g., iron oxide nanoparticles). These optical or magnetic properties can be exploited for use in thermal therapy and molecular imaging. Radiolabeled nanoparticles have proven to be promising tools in the diagnosis and therapy of malignant processes due to their multivalency and as multi-modal imaging agents. Furthermore, these radiopharmaceuticals may function simultaneously as both radiotherapy systems and thermal-ablation systems. This review examines the application of radiolabeled nanoparticles in the development of multifunctional nanosystems for targeted therapy.


Metal nanoparticles, radiolabeled nanoparticles, radio-gold nanoparticles, radio-iron oxide nanoparticles, radiocarbon nanotubes, radio-quantum dots, therapeutic radionuclides, multifunctional radiopharmaceuticals.


, , , , Departamento de Materiales Radiactivos, Instituto Nacional de Investigaciones Nucleares, Carretera México-Toluca S/N. La Marquesa, Ocoyoacac, Estado de México, C.P. 52750, México.

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