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Chemistry and Biology of Cyclic Depsipeptides of Medicinal and Biological Interest

[ Vol. 11 , Issue. 10 ]


Francisco Sarabia, Samy Chammaa, Antonio Sanchez Ruiz, Laura Martin Ortiz and F. Jorge Lopez Herrera   Pages 1309 - 1332 ( 24 )


Cyclodepsipeptides comprise a wide variety of cyclic peptides of natural origin and are characterized by the occurrence of at least one ester linkage. The great interest that this class of natural products has elicited in scientific community is explained by their wide range of biological activities, intriguing mechanisms of action and attractive molecular architecture. For example, they display a variety of biological effects, such as immunosuppressant, antibiotic, antifungi, antiinflammatory or antitumoral activities. In addition, many of these cyclic depsipeptides represent useful tools for the research of biological processes involved in cellular regulation. The present review deals with the most interesting aspects of the biology and the chemistry of some of these compounds.


cyclic depsipeptides, cyclodepsipeptides, immunosuppressant, antibiotic, antiinflammatory, antitumoral activities


Department of Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Organic Chemistry, Faculty of Sciences, University of Malaga, Campus de Teatinos s / n. 29071-Malaga, Spain.

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