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Synthesis of Porphyrin, Chlorin and Phthalocyanine Derivatives by Azide-Alkyne Click Chemistry

[ Vol. 22 , Issue. 28 ]


Samir Acherar, Ludovic Colombeau, Celine Frochot and Regis Vanderesse   Pages 3217 - 3254 ( 38 )


The aim of this review is to provide a summary of the use of copper-catalyzed azide-alkyne cycloaddition (CuAAC) in the synthesis of porphyrin, chlorin and phthalocyanine derivatives for different types of therapeutic applications. The click reaction is a powerful and versatile tool for scientists working on the synthesis of various symmetrically and asymmetrically substituted tetrapyrrolic derivatives. For example, click chemistry is widely used for the elaboration of photosensitizer conjugates for photodynamic therapy applications. Other biological applications are also described.


Click chemistry, Huisgen's cycloaddition, photodynamic therapy, photosensitizers, therapeutic.


, , , Laboratoire de Chimie Physique Macromoleculaire (LCPM), Universite de Lorraine - CNRS, UMR 7375, 1 rue Grandville BP 20451, 54001 Nancy cedex, France.

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