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Sequence Specific Recognition of Ligand-DNA Complexes Studied by NMR

[ Vol. 8 , Issue. 5 ]


Xiaogang Han and Xiaolian Gao   Pages 551 - 581 ( 31 )


The last few years have represented an accelerated accumulation in detailed information about ligand-DNA interactions. A collected view of literature information is essential for advancing our understanding of the principles of ligand-DNA recognition, utilizing this valuable information for construction of a modeling database, and eventually the rational design of DNA-binding ligands possessing desired properties. This review is concentrated on structure-based information on ligandoligodeoxyribonucleotide (DON) complexes published since 1995, especially focusing on the results obtained from NMR structure elucidation. The discussionsemphasize the sequence specific recognition of novel binding motifs or binding modules of ligand molecules rather than specific atomic details. A comprehensive list of DNA binding ligands are discussed in the text and are also summarized in a table. The DNA sequences that are recognized by specific ligand molecules as studied by NMR are annotated in a figure to provide a clear view of target selection. This review also briefly describes NMR methods for characterization and structure elucidation of ligand-DNA complexes.

, Sequence, Specific, Recognition, of, Ligand-DNA, Complexes, Studied, by, NMR


Department of Chemistry, University of Houston, Houston, TX 77204-5641, USA.

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