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Recent Lipase-Catalyzed Hydrolytic Approaches to Pharmacologically Important β-and λ-Amino Acids

[ Vol. 19 , Issue. 36 ]


E. Forro and F. Fulop   Pages 6178 - 6187 ( 10 )


Kinetic and sequential kinetic enzymatic routes for the synthesis of enantiomeric β - and λ -amino acids through enzymatic ring cleavage of the corresponding lactams in organic solvents or solvent-free systems or a supercritical CO2 medium, and for the enantioselective hydrolysis of the corresponding amino esters in organic solvents are reviewed. In the frame of a practical guide, a simple and rapid GC enantioseparation technique for amino acids, including exact descriptions of selected enzymatic reactions, is additionally presented.


β -amino acid, λ -amino acid, β -amino ester, burkholderia cepacia lipase PS, candida antarctica lipase B, enantiomer, enzymatic catalysis, GC enantioseparation, kinetic resolution, β -lactam, λ -lactam, lipase, organic solvent, sequential resolution, solvent-free system, supercritical CO2.


Institute of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, University of Szeged, H-6720 Szeged, Eötvös u. 6, Hungary.

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